Upload Information for Your Design!

*Please double check your email address
We only call you if we have questions or problems with your design.
*Average orders take 7 business days. Unless you are picking up locally. Please make sure you have enough time.

Design Information:

*note for 3D shirts/All over shirts the background will become the shirt color.
What do you want the shirt(s) to say? What Theme? Explain what you want the best you can.
File types: JPG, PNG, 6MB max
File types: JPG, PNG, 6MB max
File types: JPG, PNG, 6MB max

When do I receive my design preview?

We send you a sample design after your order is paid. That you must approve before we print.

*Video Sample: Design to Printing!

Design Process:

  • We create designs after your order is placed.
  • All orders must be approved by you before we can print or ship
  • If you don't like your design we will make edits & changes. But if you no longer want to move forward we offer 100% refund.
  • Once you approve your design and we print your order there are no refunds.