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Custom Digital Shirt (Kids)

*Note: Use "One Shirt" if you want to add only one shirt or you want each shirt to use a different design.
*Note: Use "Multiple Shirts" If you want to add more than one shirt. That will use the same design. The added design will attach to each shirt.

Add Design:

Details: Upload your picture(s) and words and we will create a design for you. You will receive a preview for approval before printing.
Details: Create your own design using our Design Studio. (Difficult) This is for more advanced users.
Details: Use a DSC Code to load a previous design. Either a DSC code given to you or a DSC from you own account. (You cannot edit the design)

Use Case: Reorder

Product Info

Digital Printing is a form of printing printed with heat transfers. Digital Printing is usually printed in a box design shown in our samples. This type of printing can go on white or colored shirts. On white shirts the printing can be blended in without the box look. Typically lasts 3-4 washes unless the shirt is hung out to dry.